Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

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Door Stop Alarm

Perfect for the traveler to use in their hotel room, or for a loved one that lives alone.This battery operated door stop alarm has three ...

LED Sensor light

Perfect as a night light, under counter lighting, mood lighting and more. This LED Sensor light contains 10 LED’s and is bright enough to light a small area ...

Color Changing LED light with remote

This Color Changing LED light with remote will screw into any normal lightbulb socket and transform your room into a colorful delight.

Mystical Fire

Drop one or two of these packs into your campfire or fireplace and sit back and enjoy the beautiful rainbow of colors. These are safe to use in any fire – ...

Dipr Cookie Spoon

Have you ever experienced the horror of dipping your cookie in a glass of milk only for it to slip from your grasp and slowly sink to the bottom of the glass ...

Get your own fucking tools sticker

Got one of those annoying neighbors that is too cheap to buy his own tools and figures you are a free rental shop? Stick one of these bad boys on your tool ...

Bacon Bandages

Bacon Bandages

$5.98 $6.99

If you are going to injure yourself anyways, you might as well do it with the style and flair that comes with any bacon type item. Hopefully you are ...

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