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Pepper Spray Keychain -27%
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Pepper Spray Keychain

This pepper spray keychain is the perfect gift for anyone you want to keep safe. The unit can shoot a stream of pepper spray at high velocity up to ten feet

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Windproof Bullet Lighter
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Windproof Bullet Lighter

This Windproof Bullet Lighter is a great gift idea for any hunter, outdoorsman (outdoorswoman), history buffs, or just anyone that likes cool stuff. Especially stuff that needs to be lit on fire.

How to Shit in the Woods
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How to Shit in the Woods

We all know a bear sh*ts in the woods.But we as humans evolved and have learnt to do our number two in the comfort of a climate controlled room, behind locked doors.

Mylar Emergency / Survival Tent -42%
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Mylar Emergency / Survival Tent

First off, this is not a tent. Well, it is a tent but is meant for emergencies or survival, not as an everyday use.Measuring 8 feet by 3 feet, the tent is made to fit 2 adults. Being made of mylar, the tent will reflect up to 90% of body heat, keeping you very warm even under frigid conditions.

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Beer or Soda Holster -22%
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Beer or Soda Holster

Name your poison. This six can beer or soda holster is a great gift for anyone that wants to keep their refreshments close and safe from harm.Fits any normal can, this holster is easily adjustable to fit any waist size. Made with a camouflage material to aid in hiding your stash of beverages.

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