Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

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Best value
Mushroom night light

Grab these adorable mushroom Led night lights for any child that is afraid of the dark.This two pack of night lights are energy efficient, using ...

Spy Sunglasses Rearview Mirror

Never worry about a ninja sneaking up on you if you are wearing these Spy Sunglasses Rearview Mirror.A fun novelty set of sunglasses with mirror on the ...

Flying Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Of all the weird gag gifts I’ve seen lately, this flying screaming monkey is near the top of the list for uniqueness.

LED Shoelaces

For the person that has everything. Or the person that has a pair of sneakers but doesn’t have light up LED shoelaces.

Solar Powered Car

Billed as “The world’s smallest Solar Powered car” – this seems to fit the bill. This is a tiny but great fun toy as well as educational tool.

Mini Microscope with LED lights

For the price, this Mini Microscope with LED lights is a great gift for kids, hobbyists, people who need to magnify items at work and many more.

USB plasma ball

Most of us have seen a USB plasma ball before but never have I seen one so inexpensive and powered simply by a usb cable attached to your computer or laptop. ...

Color Changing LED light with remote

This Color Changing LED light with remote will screw into any normal lightbulb socket and transform your room into a colorful delight.

Nose Basketball Game

Who the hell thinks these things up?The nose basketball game could actually be a lot of fun and I could see this being a seriously good drinking game.

USB Webcam

USB Webcam


This USB webcam is not going to put GoPro out of business anytime soon, but a webcam with these features for under ten dollars is an amazing bargain.

LED bike tire lights

These are cool. Little LED lights with changeable colors that screw onto the valve stem of any tire such as a bicycle, motorcyle or even a car.

Rubber band shooter

Rubber band shooting wars are awesome. My mom always scolded me for shooting rubber bands – “someone is going to lose an eye!

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