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Mini hidden camera USB stick

Hidden Camera USB Disk Video Recorder Spy Cam Video Recorder Wireless Surveillance... Fun and inexpensive geek toy.  Hidden camera disguised as a USB stick.

The camera features a rechargeable battery and records video at 1280 * 960.  Not too shabby for a camera in this price range.

Store up to 32GB on microSd card (not included).

Save space: Set to motion detection mode, will only record when camera detects motion.

Frame rate of 30 fps and still photo capable of up to 5 megapixels, 1600 * 1200 in .jpg format.



U8 Quality Review 

Amidst all of the negative reviews that this product has received I applaud the Mini U8 camera for its surprising quality considering I paid $10 bucks for it. The cameras quality in general is quite good, the only qualm I have so far is that the vibration from the camera seems to be pretty violent when pushing buttons. For those of you (like me) who have a good laugh at the poor chinese translation of the manual then go looking for the real manual look no further. http://www.securitybees.com/blogs/home/11273733-mini-usb-flash-drive-spy-camera-dvr-mini-u8-instruction-manual This website provides every bit of information needed for the small camera.

The only problem I have had with my camera at the moment is that the microphone appears not to work.

great little camera 

Awesome, this camera met and exceeded my expectations for the price. The operational manual is available in english online and is really easy to use once you go over it. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in purchasing this item to do so as the price is right.

Good seller, good product 

Product was all it was reported to be except recording time was short. It arrived very quickly in less than a week. After doing some research online I found writetime.exe program to set time and date. It takes pictures, video and motion sensor works fine. Worth every bit what I paid. The micro SD card cost more that the unit. Mine only records 45 – 50 minutes before it starts to shut down. The seller gave me my money back no questions asked. I was not even asking for my money back they just gave it back when I expressed a little dissatisfaction.

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