Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less


Share the joy of reading with your favorite bookworm. Pick any of our fun book choices for under ten dollars and make someone’s day happier! Perfect choices for Christmas, birthdays or any time you just want to say you care.

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How to Shit in the Woods

We all know a bear sh*ts in the woods.But we as humans evolved and have learnt to do our number two in the comfort of a climate controlled room, behind ...

Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots

Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots

$6.69 $15.00

Having a party and want to include shots in the mix?Then the Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots is the must-have book. This big book of shots is just that – over ...

Book: Images you should not masturbate to

If nothing else, you need to give this author and A for ingenuity.Personally, I shudder to think what this guy is like in a social setting and really ...

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